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President of European Hockey Federation congratulated Communalshik

Field hockey. Mr. Leandro Negre, President of European Hockey Federation, congratulates the club on its 30th anniversary.

Mr. Leandro Negre, President of European Hockey Federation, congratulated Communalshik’s founder and president Vladimir Kobzev onachieving the 30th Anniversary of the hockey club.

Mr. Vladimir Kobzev
Communalshik Barnaul

23rd November 2007

Dear President,

With pleasure, I congratulate you on achieving the 30th Anniversary of your hockey club, Communalshik Barnaul.

It is clear that your club has and continues to thrive, with many achievements since the first team was organised by you the founding member in 1977.

Since that date you have had many fantastic days, including travelling to the EuroHockey Cup Winners Cup in Barcelona in 1999.

The EHF was delighted when you installed your synthetic field in 2002 and this development has led to the club growing and developing from strength to strength.

We believe that with your strong youth section, that your club strives to fulfil the ideals of the European hockey family.

I hope that you enjoy the many celebrations both on and off the pitch during this important year in the life of your club .

Yours sincerely,
Leandro Negre

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