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Womens Superliga. Pictured by Oleg Bogdanov

Field hockey. Barnaul fans congratulate the team.

"Svobodny kurs" weekly photographer Oleg Bogdanov presents his pictures from the first of two Communalshik’s matches against Donchanka. [more]


Communalshik lost medals

Oct 9-10 Communalshik completed the season after two matches against Metrostroy in Saint-Petersburg. Unfortunatelly, Barnaul team lost both games and not reached the medal zone. ShVSM Izmailovo became the champion, VolgaTelecom took the silver medals, the Superliga third place was occupied by Smena. [more]


Communalshik’s schedule: Cup Winners Trophy

Theschedule of this year Cup Winners Trophy (Lille, France) has published on the EHF web site. [more]


Leandro Negre elected as FIH President

Leandro Negre is the new President of the International Hockey Federation (FIH). The former European Hockey Federation President from Spain was elected during the FIH Congress inLos Angeles, [more]


Season-2008. Communalshiks strikers

The team scores 55 goals in the Superliga and 11 goals in the Russia Cup in the season. See our strikers list.



1998th Season

Russian Women’s High League. FINAL STANDINGS. Communalshchik’s all matches. Communalshchik’s strikers (all scores).



President of European Hockey Federation congratulated Communalshik

Field hockey. Mr. Leandro Negre, President of European Hockey Federation, congratulates the club on its 30th anniversary.

Mr. Leandro Negre, President of European Hockey Federation, congratulated Communalshik’s founder and president Vladimir Kobzev onachieving the 30th Anniversary of the hockey club. [more]


The bronze medals presented to Communalshik

Field hockey. Vice-governer of Altai region Boris Larin presents the Superliga-2006 bronze medal to Natalia Martemianova.

The Russian Superliga 2006 bronze medals were presented to the Communalshik hockey players yesterday in the Hall of the Altai regional sports department. The ceremony was conducted by the vice-governer of Altai region Boris Larin, the Altai fieldhockey federation president Irina Solntseva and the chief of Altai regional sports department Vladimir Alt.



Communalshik answered the fun’s questions

Field hockey. Alexandra Kovaleva, Oxana Serezhkina, Irina Osipova and Vladimir Kobzev talk about the Communalshik perspectives in the next field hockey season.

Head coach Vladimir Kobzev and three hockey players of the team - Irina Osipova, Alexandra Kovaleva, Oxana Serezhkina - answered the fun’s questions in the Svobodny Kurs weekly officce on Nov, 30.



Nataila Vershinina is the best player of Communalshik-2006

Field hockey. Communalshik captain Natalia Vershinina is the best Barnaul team player of the 2006 year.

The traditional interrogation to know the Communalshik 2006 best player ended last week. Everybody of the 35 interrogateds informed of his/her variant of the Communalshik best three. The following points was added for the players named by the interrogated experts: 3 points for the first position, 2 points for the second position, 1 point for the third position. Natalia Vershinina won the Award-2006 with 52 points.



Communalshik won the Bronze again

Field hockey. Communalshiks newcomer Marina Fedorova (with ball on te picture) scored 8 goals in her debut season.

The Superliga-2006 competitions ended. Communalshik Barnaul won the bronze medals again as in 2004 and 2005.



Irina Osipova: I was born for sport

Field hockey.

An interview with the Russia fieldhockey young team captain and Communalshik defensor Irina Osipova.

Sorry, russian version only.



Victory in the first game

Field hockey. Euro Hockey Junior Nations Trophy 2006 logo.

The Russian field hockey Under-21 began its performance on Euro Hockey Junior Nations Trophy in Vilnius, Lithuania. The team including seven hockey players and head coach Vladimir Kobzev from Communalshik Barnaul won a 3:1 over France in its start game yesterday.



Communalshik not reached the Cup final

The Barnaul team lost 2:3 the Russia Cup semifinal match against Vympel (Korolev) on July, 3.



Four victories in Azerbaijan

The Russian field hockey junior women’s team including nine sportsmen and head coach Vladimir Kobzev from the Siberian Communalshik club played four test matches against the Azerbaijan under-21 team in Baku on June 23-26. All the games were won by Russia.


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16.10. Dinamo-Giproniiaviaprom - Communalshik - 4:2
15.10. Dinamo-Giproniiaviaprom - Communalshik - 4:1

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Field hockey. Communalshiks veterans, 2009.
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7.08. Shovkun Alina
12.08. Oskina Ekaterina
27.08. Guseva Yelena
27.08. Metelev Sergei Ivanovich

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